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Transforming Education with AI-Powered Personalized Learning

AllHere is the award-winning developer of AI solutions, including Ed, a next-generation learning acceleration platform. Trusted by over 9,100 schools nationwide, AllHere assists students and families to navigate their educational journey and achieve success.

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What is it?

AllHere is a 24/7 text messaging system that facilitates two-way communication between families and school districts.

Why is it used?

To improve school attendance and foster students’ academic success and personal growth.

What does it do?

It provides a fast, easy way for families to receive answers to frequently asked questions about attendance, transportation, schedules, calendars, and more.

How does it work?

The real-time, two-way texting solution engages families through proactive messaging in their preferred language.

Who benefits?

The customer service support not only benefits students and families but allows educators more time to focus on hands-on instruction.

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Student success starts with engaging every single family

We foster family engagement in support of student success using mobile messaging powered by artificial intelligence. AllHere communicates 24/7 via automated two-way texting, proactively sending nudges and drawing upon a customized knowledge base to ensure each family and student receives the right support at the right time.  Through an innovative platform and an intuitive chatbot, families receive personalized, real-time, two-way communication and support in their preferred language.

Guide Families at Each Stage of their Journey to and Through School

Our innovative, novel, and evidence-based solution provides proactive messages and on-demand resources tailored to your educational community. By sending out helpful information and “nudges” to encourage action, queries to determine where families need assistance, as well as automatically responding to questions, AllHere offers an accessible, reliable communication option as part of your whole-child support system.

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Mobile Messaging Powered by AI

Personalized, two-way conversational support at scale 24/7.

Evidence-Based Solutions

Proven technology to increase student success in school, reduce the dropout rate, and build engagement.

Actionable Insights and Analysis

Data-driven intervention strategies with actionable insights, reporting, and analysis.

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Children in Classroom

How does it work?

  • The interactive system operates entirely over SMS text messaging without the need for a smartphone or app.

  • The platform utilizes data from the student information system to identify and manage the root causes of student absenteeism.

  • The chatbot responds in less than 2 seconds to inquiries and provides resources to a nearly limitless number of families and students.

  • When the system identifies a “priority” topic or doesn’t have the answer, questions are sent to an AllHere team member. The responses become part of the automated knowledge base.

How Effective SMS Texting


Open Rate


Messages opened within 15 minutes of receipt


Prefer SMS Communications


Higher Engagement than Email


District Administration names AllHere "Top EdTech Product of 2023" in the Learning Support category

Proven Results

Weekly, automated alerts to families about missed assignments, grades, and absences positively impacted student attendance and outcomes.

Research on engaging parents through technology showed academic outcomes.


Increase in class attendance


Decrease in course failure


Increase in GPA (points)

Students Cut Out (34).png
Image by Seyi Ariyo

Transforming engagement through messaging and artificial intelligence

AI-powered system streamlines routine communications so teachers and school administrators can focus on the highest-impact engagement and education activities.

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