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EBOOK: Helping Overwhelmed Staff

Strategies to Streamline, Scale, and Simplify Communication to Reduce Stress for Educators

Administrators, teachers, and staff are the foundation of great schools, yet one in five new administrators leave their jobs within the first five years.

Download the ebook to learn more about our six best practices for addressing stress and reducing staff burden:

-Establishing communication standards
-Conserving administrator’s time
-Prioritizing collaboration
-Providing Families unlimited, 24/7 access to One-to-One research-based support
-Reduce administrative tasks
-Encourage administrators

Staff turnover has a big financial impact on school districts. Three in five school leaders say they “often” or “always” feel stressed at work, twice the rate of other workers. This ebook will help you address the stress.

Read our latest ebook on Helping Overwhelmed Staff – Click Here.

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