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EBOOK: Intelligent Attendance Interventions at Scale

Why Attendance Matters Even More with Distance Learning – Click Here

Intelligent Attendance Interventions at Scale

Prior to Covid-19 and the switch to remote or distance learning, over 8 million students were estimated to be chronically absent during any given school year, that is approximately 1 in 7 students (or 15%) needing attendance interventions. Keep in mind that graduation directly correlates to attendance and those with chronic attendance issues are less than 30% likely to graduate compared to 70% for students without attendance issues. Once students get into high school the stats are even more severe with more than 20% of students chronically absent.

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  • Best practices on managing attendance at scale
  • The role of technology in supporting interventions
  • Three simple steps to attendance interventions management

Plus you’ll find a check-list for evaluating your current program and a list of resources including these listed below:

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