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The Next Generation of Personalized Education


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What is Ed?

Ed is a learning acceleration platform designed to promote continuity of learning and Improve student achievement​.

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A dynamic AI-driven engine analyzes students’ assessment scores and current knowledge base, providing tailored activities in all subjects and grade levels. The platform adapts its content to meet students’ needs, activates prior knowledge, and includes daily learning assessments. 

Adaptive Learning Tool


A single-sign-on solution integrates content from district-approved curriculum providers into one platform. This seamless access to resources and communication accelerates learning and simplifies the educational experience for students and families.

Centralized Education Platform

Active Learning Experience.png

Students engage in immersive learning across math, reading, and computer science, unlocking visual celebrations and rewards as they master skills. Ed's presence sparks curiosity, motivates progress, and deepens content engagement

Active Learning Experience

Active Learning Experience.png

The platform fosters independent learning, empowering students to control their education with self-directed content. This develops critical skills like self-motivation, time management, and problem-solving, fostering ownership and freeing teachers to attend to other classroom needs.

Independent Learning

Information Dashboard.png

The dashboard offers rich data, including grades, test scores, progress, and attendance, providing valuable insights into student performance. Armed with this knowledge, teachers can create more personalized teaching strategies for each student's needs.

Information Dashboard

Guided Learning Support.png

The system sends research-validated alerts and updates, offering step-by-step guidance to accelerate learning and remediate when necessary. This feature eliminates guesswork and simplifies educational decision-making for both students and families.

Guided Learning Support

Human-in-the-Loop AI.png

This model merges AI technology with human insight to produce educational recommendations based on advanced algorithms. Former educators, serving as background-checked human moderators, oversee the process and provide crucial insights, context, and support to ensure alignment.

Human-in-the-Loop AI

Adaptive Intelligence.png

Ed is an intuitive and continuous learning platform that becomes smarter with each interaction, enhancing its ability to provide more tailored experiences.

Adaptive Intelligence

Universal Access.png

Ed is available 24/7, in multiple languages and meets strict accessibility standards, including those set by the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 508. This ensures equal access for all users, including those with visual and auditory impairments.

Universal Access

What does Ed do?

By combining advanced technology and comprehensive data, Ed provides easy-to-understand reports about a student’s progress. It also creates action plans based on a student’s strengths, weaknesses and goals. Students will be able to access relevant, District-approved, student-centered online tools and resources to support their acceleration, growth, and achievement. The platform is adaptive to meet each student’s needs. This customized approach will make a student's supplemental skills practice more engaging, effective, and aligned with their individual needs.


How does Ed work?


Ed is an AI platform that provides updates and timely notifications to families about their student’s progress while providing resources to support their learning. Using advanced software, Ed identifies student attendance and academic performance trends and recommends targeted interventions and activities to support their success.


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What is 
responsible AI?

  • Ed was created with responsible AI at its core:

    • Uses a Human-in-the-Loop (HITL) model.

    • Combines AI technology with human expertise.

  • The platform features:

    • Advanced AI algorithms for generating educational recommendations.

    • Oversight by experienced, background-checked human moderators (former educators).

  • Human moderators ensure that:

    • AI-driven processes align with educational objectives.

    • Best practices are followed.

    • Ethical standards are maintained.


Safeguards and User Experience

Below are the measures taken to not only keep data safe, private and secure but also enhance the user experience.  

Strict protocols ensure that all student data is stored in a secure environment and remains confidential, safeguarding against unauthorized access. 

Strong human monitoring to maintain accuracy and uphold high operational standards.

Guardrails and advanced filters to prevent inappropriate content and ensure all interactions are respectful and safe. Clear indicators that the Chatbot, not the district, generates responses. 

Users are encouraged to provide feedback to continually enhance the chatbot's functionality and user interface.

A commitment to fairness and equality reduces the risk of creating unjust content or bias, supported by the cultural diversity of our moderators and AI trainers.


LAUSD, the country's second-largest school district, became the first to launch Ed to provide students and families with an ecosystem of valuable resources and support for fast-tracking student achievement beyond the school day.

563,083 Student Enrollment

1,438 Schools and Centers

4.8 Population Area Covered (in millions)

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