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WEBINAR REPLAY: The Research Behind Effective Interventions

September 24, 2021

This webinar will examine how school systems are using evidence-based “nudges” to students and their families to reduce absenteeism, improve overall student engagement, and boost readiness to engage with grade-level content.

Hear from Dr. Peter Bergman, Assistant Professor at Columbia University, who will discuss his research and recommendations for engaging students and parents. He is joined by Michael DeArmond and Joanna Smith-Griffin who will provide research on how school systems are addressing the consequences of disrupted attendance and best practices from other school districts, nationally, on implementing interventions at scale during the 2021-2022 school year.

Key takeaways of this Webinar are:

  • The latest research findings on attendance interventions and student engagement for Attendance Awareness Month and beyond.
  • Learn how data-insights can arm educators with indicators on students who may require additional support, and why.
  • Hear how technology-powered solutions can intelligently automate the nudging and outreach to students and families in response to early indicators of disengagement.

Presented in conjunction with Education Week.

Watch now here!

The Research Behind Effective Interventions

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