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How AllHere Creates Synergies in Support of Student Mental Health

Kristen Diamond May 18, 2022

There’s a growing body of knowledge about the interrelationships among all areas of human development and the importance of addressing students’ needs before turning attention to their academic success.

This framework, known as the Whole Student Approach, takes into account influences both inside and outside the classroom—everything from nutrition and activity levels to interpersonal relationships and social-emotional development.

Effective communication is central to making a Whole Student Approach work. After all, unless families and educators know what needs a student is experiencing, it’s not possible to prioritize them. This ranges from support with day-to-day assignments and deadlines to potentially serious mental health challenges, which often go unrecognized among children and adolescents, leading to delays in treatment.

Educators and parents know that students’ mental health deteriorated during the COVID pandemic, but the seriousness of the problem continues to grow. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently released new data that indicates 1 in 3 high school students experienced poor mental health in the past two years, and nearly half felt persistently sad or hopeless. Female students and those who identify as LGBTQ were disproportionately affected.

AllHere’s Family Success Team is deeply immersed in the issues facing each school that utilizes its 24/7 mobile messaging. They often spot trends early and can help come up with strategies to address them. For example, in a recent month where several communities were experiencing multiple challenges simultaneously, the Family Success Team adjusted the chatbots to ask more specific questions about mental health.

Importantly, the Family Success Team takes a gentle approach in both the outbound messages programmed within the chatbot as well as its replies to incoming queries. This is a welcome departure from the harsh messages that families sometimes receive when their child is chronically absent or experiencing other hardships on their educational journey.

Learn more about the synergies that develop when the AllHere Family Success Team and its AI-powered chatbot are deployed in support of a Whole Student Approach by downloading our book “Utilizing SEL and the Whole Student Approach to Improve Mental Health Support.”

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