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Women Founders Lead the Way at Harvard – Featuring Joanna Smith

August 13, 2020

Updated July 29, 2020

From social impact to healthcare to fintech and consumer goods, women leaders notice different needs in their communities and come up with different solutions. While women entrepreneurs, particularly women of color, face unique challenges with regard to financing, they are nevertheless transforming industries by pursuing bold ideas and solving real customer problems.

Harvard Innovation Labs is proud to say that in 2019, approximately 50% of venture teams had at least one woman founder. Moreover, of the 275 startups at i-Labs that have secured venture capital funding to date, approximately 50% also had at least one woman founder.

In May 2020, we asked some of the women founders in the Harvard Innovation Labs ecosystem to tell us how they believe women are changing the game. In July 2020, we continued to have conversations with women founders, this time about their core values and their perspectives on equity and justice. Read their answers below and learn more about them on our social channels under the hashtag #womenledwednesdays.

Featuring Joanna Smith, CEO of AllHere – read article here

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