Our Team

Meet the people at AllHere

Executive Team

Joanna Smith-Griffin

Founder & CEO

Joanna Smith-Griffin is the CEO and founder of AllHere, a leading provider of 24/7 support for families in K-12 schools. AllHere combines evidence-based intervention strategies with a behaviorally intelligent chatbot to drive student attendance, engagement, and academic success. Before founding AllHere, Joanna taught middle school mathematics and served as Director of Family Engagement at a charter school in Boston. After extensive research and launching her own chronic absenteeism campaigns, Joanna formed AllHere to support school and district leaders looking to improve learning and life outcomes for K-12 students. AllHere is now recognized as a leading innovator in developing and implementing comprehensive solutions for student success with schools around the U.S.

Aliya Haque

Chief Product Officer

Chris Whiteley

Sr. Director of Engineering

Scientific Board

Dr. Peter Bergman

Professor, Columbia University

Dr. Lindsay Page

Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh

Dr. Michael Gottfried

Professor, University of Pennsylvania


Dr. Janice K. Jackson

Former CEO, Chicago Public Schools

Mr. Jeff Livingston

CEO, EdSolutions

Dr. Peter Bergman

Associate Professor, University of Texas Austin