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7 Ways Districts Are Using AI Chatbots for Back to School

This year, the back to school season is hardly a return to “normal” as districts contend with the rise of the Delta variant of the coronavirus. Concerns around missing students, learning loss, and protocols to protect the health of students and teachers are top of mind for every school leader across the country.

The “new normal” in K-12 education requires increased support for students and families that is personalized and scalable to ensure all needs are met.

AllHere’s adaptable chatbot helps schools send outgoing messages that reach families on their most preferred communication channel—text messages—as well as automatically respond to their incoming questions.

“AllHere’s chatbot is designed so that it can serve as a multi-faceted advisor for families,” said Aliya Haque, Chief Product Officer at AllHere. “We build the initial bank of knowledge in collaboration with our school partners, and over time, the chatbot becomes smarter and learns to respond to a wide range of questions and concerns from families.”

AllHere sends students and families timely reminders, personalized responses, and empathetic check-in messages that can meet a variety of needs, including the ones outlined below.

Navigate new schedules and health requirements. Help families navigate questions about vaccine requirements, health insurance, wellness resources, and more with automated, around-the-clock support. AllHere responds to incoming questions within 45 seconds to prevent unnecessary confusion about logistical information and encourage positive family engagement.

Nudge families towards successful enrollment.  Registering for school can be complicated and confusing for families. Many may need a hand navigating the registration process. Nudge them with timely, personalized reminders to complete important paperwork – so a missed deadline never stands between them and their future.

Gently alert families to drops in attendance. AllHere’s approach is based on research proven to increase attendance and engagement rates in K-12 schools. The chatbot integrates with your LMS and SIS to track data on absences so that when students miss a certain number of school days, their guardian automatically receives a nudge via text message.

Streamline and scale your tech support. Ensure your students have access to the key information, documents, and online resources they need to succeed. Instantly and automatically respond to technical questions from families and students and free up your team for the complex projects that keep your district on the cutting edge.

Get to know your student body and parent community. In addition to sending out information, your bot can be used to collect information as well by deploying short surveys. The data from these surveys is collected, tabulated, and distributed to district staff to analyze. Districts can use these surveys to support student well-being by getting a pulse on their student body’s mental health and more. When discussing sensitive subjects such as mental health, the bot will notify a district team member ASAP if it receives any responses or messages that are in need of escalation.

Provide students with educational support and guidance. Empower students to find and take advantage of academic support and guidance – no matter where they are. Your chatbot can answer 85% of questions from families and students about their academic progress. When questions require a human touch, your chatbot will instantly route questions to an expert on your team.

Offer timely support for linguistically diverse families.

Families that speak English as a second language face extra challenges when it comes to communicating with their child’s school and teachers. AllHere’s chatbot can send and respond to messages in English, Spanish, and French, and will be adding dozens more languages by the end of this school year.


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