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AI Support for Enrollment, Registration, and Academic Programs During the Summer

Summer programs are in full swing and school districts are already gearing up for the

2023-2024 academic year. With so much to do in such a short amount of time, it is

critical to take advantage of modern advances, like Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology,

to support summer learning, enrollment, and registration systems for the upcoming


AI tools can provide 24/7 support, easing the burden on school districts and those

school-site employees who may be off for the summer. With the help of an AI chatbot,

families can receive answers to frequently asked questions instantly, regardless of the

time of day, even when school is not in session. This ensures a seamless experience

and eliminates the need to wait for human assistance. This also allows families to stay

ahead by ensuring a smooth flow of information. Chatbots can send text messages,

which have a higher open rate compared to email and postal mail, making it an optimal

tool for alerting them about registration deadlines, useful information, and upcoming


More importantly, AI chatbots can streamline enrollment processes, saving time and

effort for parents and school staff. Chatbots can guide families through the various

registration steps, assist with the submission of documents, and provide real-time

updates on the status of their applications. By sending automated reminders, such as

“Hey, there. We noticed you didn't submit your student's registration. We saved your

progress here. Let us know if there is anything we could help you with”, chatbots can

ensure that families don't miss crucial enrollment or registration milestones. These

notifications can be personalized based on individual preferences, ensuring that the

information is relevant and timely.

AllHere, an award-winning text messaging solution that reinvents school-to-family

communication, creates the above-mentioned personalized and engaging experiences

between families and schools via an AI-powered chatbot. Through 24/7 two-way, real-

time communications, AllHere engages with families to foster student recruitment,

retention, and success.

Many students are attending summer school, either to meet certain requirements via

remedial courses or to participate in enrichment opportunities. The AllHere chatbot

continues to be a valuable tool for schools and districts to utilize as the most efficient

way to communicate with families throughout the duration of these programs. As an

example, with the appropriate data populated, the AllHere chatbot can send

individualized messages to those students who must take a remedial course in order to

advance to the next grade level. Messages sharing important information are a great

way to reach parents. For example, “Act now! Our summer school starts next week.

Register here. Don't let all the spots get filled!”

Additionally, during the summer break, families may have questions about their

children’s future, such as course requirements and elective options, how to access

study materials, or some may simply want support with academic planning. AI chatbots,

like the one AllHere offers, can serve as virtual academic advisors, offering instant

assistance and resources to address these needs. They can provide links to relevant

materials, suggest additional resources, or connect students with the appropriate

individual for further guidance. By offering immediate support, chatbots can provide

families valuable information to help their children make the most of their summer break

and prepare for the upcoming academic year.

Lastly, using analytics about interactions with the chatbot can transform real family-

school conversations into actionable insight. A quick family survey can help gather

valuable feedback such as how students feel about starting school or what their biggest

concerns are for the upcoming academic year.

Accessibility and equity are a top priority. With AllHere, families can be reached where

they are throughout the year, using individual messages and conversations as well as

ongoing, district-wide campaigns—because relationships don’t stop when the school

year ends. By leveraging AI chatbots, educational institutions can provide efficient and

robust support to students and parents, enabling them to better navigate their own

educational experience and make informed decisions about their academic journeys.

To learn more about how AllHere can help your district this summer and beyond, visit


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