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Introducing AllHere’s New Look

From day one, AllHere has championed a movement to combat the underlying causes of chronic absenteeism. But as a pandemic continues to disrupt the status quo in our education system, we see a need to support students, parents, and educators beyond the scope of attendance intervention. In fact, schools across the country already use AllHere chatbots to proactively “nudge” families towards all sorts of improved outcomes including attendance, student engagement, support for mental and physical health, and much more.

In our effort to drive student outcomes across their K-12 journey, we’ve built a powerful combination of technology and human-powered 24/7 support for K-12 families, we’re starting 2022 with a new look. Our new look communicates the expanded capabilities of AllHere to help families navigate all learning barriers:

– We’ve swapped a clipboard for a chat bubble, representing the behaviorally intelligent chatbot that now supercharges how we serve schools and families.

-The curved dotted line mirrors the non-linear path that we help families navigate throughout a child’s education.

-The colors–including a refreshed blue and a palette of vibrant secondary colors–bring a new energy to our brand that is both inviting and trustworthy.

-Most importantly, the “all” appears inside of the speech bubble, representing our expanded mission to remove all learning barriers inside and outside the classroom for K-12 families.

AllHere is evolving to support students and families from registration all the way to graduation. Sign up for our newsletter to stay informed about new features launching on AllHere this year to support families throughout their journey to & through school.


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