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New Enhancements Featuring AI Chatbot and Streamlined Interface

With the change to distance learning due to the pandemic, AllHere made the decision to quickly pivot and enhance our leading attendance interventions management platform with key features and functionality to support distance learning and hybrid school models.

Key enhancements include:

  1. View a student’s profile

  2. Send text message to students

  3. Read text message replies from students

  4. Log a check-in, record a follow-up and record results for a check-in

In addition to adding intervention strategies for remote learning, and an easier, more streamlined interface, we also added an integrated intelligent mobile messaging capability, including an AI Chatbot which acts as a virtual attendance interventions coach. (Read full product launch update here)

In order to add this functionality in a matter of weeks, AllHere acquired the “EdNudge” technology and nudging science and techniques from Peter Berman, former owner and current Assitant Professor at Columbia University. These interactive nudges proven by behavioral science and randomized controlled trials by Professor Bergman, drive positive impact and offer zero effort for teachers.

The AI Chatbot acts as a virtual attendance coach and can be proactive, when you need to be,  sending campaigns to students to nudge them towards success, or poll them for information. Providing always-there individual support, the AI Chatbot helps students and families find the right resources and information exactly when they need it and can answer 85% of incoming messages in 2 seconds or less. Offering better one-on-one interactions, allowing you to strengthen your student-staff relationships with more time to focus on meaningful interactions.

Scientifically proven to impact student outcomes (according to research by Dr. Peter Bergman of Teacher’s College, Columbia University) key takeaways include:

  1. Behavioral nudges and interactive campaigns to drive behavior

  2. Conversational interface to understand student needs on an individual level

  3. Analytics dashboard to drive insights and continuous improvement

  4. A Bot builder and trainer designed for those without a tech background

How it works:

  1. Intelligent Conversational Platform for Student Attendance and Engagement

  2. Your AI assistant is your front line support

  3. Guide and support students while your team stays one step ahead

  4. Your bot responds in less than 2 seconds when it’s confident in an answer

  5. When the bot identifies a “priority” topic or doesn’t know the answer, questions are sent to the human team

  6. As humans answer new questions, your knowledge base grows, making the bot “smarter”

Key highlights:

  1. 65-85% of inquiries can be handled before they hit your inbox, improving daily 2 second response time

  2. 16% of student inquiries are logged between 5 pm and 8 pm

Other key Features:

  1. Accurate, automated response. Your bot will accurately answer students’ questions automatically even while you’re sleeping.

  2. Want to send a personalized message yourself? No problem, type it in and click send.

  3. Nudge and interactive campaign library, planner & builder – Choose from one of the evidence-based templates

  4. AllHere has built based on research it has developed. Plan it. Schedule it. Send it.

  5. Escalate student conversations based on priority topics.

  6. Manage your team’s workload by focusing on what matters.

  7. Send data from your SIS to AllHere to build rich student profiles for targeted, personalized, and two-way communication.

And now for a limited time, we are offering this amazing, one of a kind technology for K-12 FREE for the summer so that you can reach and provide help where your students and families need it most.

Learn more about our Free Trial <here> or contact today at:


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