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Urgency is needed to ensure all students are logging in and showing up

Kids Missed Spring, Don’t Let them, Miss Fall

By Carmen Williams of AllHere Education

As former district administrators and as fellow educators, our team at AllHere Education is still reeling from the gargantuan shift that took place last March when Covid-19 hit with full force in the United States. Educators should feel proud of how they adapted to the situation and flexed their muscles in switching mid-stream, without warning or preparation, to 100% online learning.

Having said that, we are now back-to-school and in full-swing with mostly remote or hybrid learning settings across the United States, and unfortunately, the news stories and social posts are beginning to appear showcasing the attendance challenges similar to last Spring, are cropping up again.

In March, and now again in September, it’s estimated that 50% of students are not logging in or showing up to participate in their learning.

As seen here with the King 5 News social post shared via FaceBook, parents in the tech-savvy Seattle, Washington area are already expressing their fears and frustrations that less than half of the 55,000 Seattle Public Schools have logged onto the district online systems since the soft start of classes a few weeks ago.

We all know that if students aren’t there, they aren’t getting the optimal learning opportunity to ensure successful student outcomes, and showing up is just the first step.

Like in Seattle, Edweek reports thousands of students are not showing up for remote learning and schools are scrambling for easy to implement and affordable solutions to address the attendance challenges in the short and long term.

It might have been fine last Spring to accept a once in a lifetime scenario that excused mass absences, but to repeat the problem this Fall is inexcusable to say the least, especially when there are highly accessible and affordable solutions using technology platforms and artificial intelligence (AI) to scale attendance interventions and ensure the majority of students are logging on or showing up.

With easy to use and intuitive mobile messaging powered by AI, evidence-based student participation and attendance interventions can be used to engage all students whether they are onsite and in a remote learning setting.

Utilizing interactive nudges proven by behavioral science and randomized controlled trials, these highly personalized, one-to-one interactions “nudge” students to participate and engage.

Always-there with individual support to help students and families find the right resources and information exactly when they need it, the AI Chatbot acts as an “attendance coach” or advisor answering 70% of incoming messages in 2 seconds or less and steering students to get logged in and online.

There are minimal obstacles to implementing technology to manage attendance interventions at scale because it is easy to implement and incredibly affordable. At pennies per student, it remains one of the cheapest, quickest ways to get the return of improving student outcomes.

Learn more about the AI Chatbot, the AllHere approach, or the science behind this exciting technology solution for managing attendance interventions at scale, or feel free to reach out to us directly at


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