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January Provocations

Cynthia Rogan January 28, 2020

A roundup of inspirational stories related to chronic absenteeism and attendance intervention management from around the web.

Attendance report pushes to keep schools accountable for chronic absenteeism

Despite an effort to remove chronic absenteeism from the state’s accountability measures, Illinois State Board of Education’s Attendance Commission report provides warrant to continue tracking; there were 360,000 students in Illinois who were chronically absent during the 2018-2019 school year. Read the full article.

Some toddlers are chronically absent from preschool. A text message can help

Text messages can make a huge impact on reducing the rates of chronic absenteeism when used as a communication and early warning mechanism to keep parents and guardians informed on their child’s attendance through personalized text messages three to four times a week. Read the full article.

Princeton Schools Tackles Chronic Absenteeism Issue

In an example of collaborative action, Princeton Schools and the Princeton Family YMCA have teamed up to tackle the issue of chronic absenteeism in their community through a grant from the Princeton Area Community Foundation. Read the full article.

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