Personalized Outreach for Students and Families

Intelligent, evidence-based mobile messaging powered by AI to support enrollment and attendance.

Interactive Nudges

Proactive and specialized messaging campaigns proven by behavioral science drive positive impact and prevent problems before they arise.

On-Demand Assistance

Students and families text questions to the chatbot and receive accurate, rapid responses from a knowledge base that's customized to each district.

Proactive Outreach

Automated messaging campaigns nudge students towards success or poll them for information about where they need assistance, offering a holistic support system.

24/7 Availability

Always-there individual support helps students and families find the right resources and information exactly when they need it, with automated responses that can answer 85% of incoming messages in 2 seconds or less.

Conversational AI

The chatbot makes interactions fun through graphics and wit, mimicking human interactions and flexibly transitioning to staff when appropriate.

A Research-Based Approach to Education Support Services

Our AllHere Advisor (AHA) automates and mimics proactive and reactive human conversation, drawing upon a customized knowledge base to ensure each family and student receives the right support at the right time. Our AI-powered platform is based on research by our chief advisor, Dr. Peter Bergman, on the positive impact of two-way texting. As our world is more mobile than ever before, communicating with students and families over text messages makes actionable information more accessible.

Flexible Interventions

Personalized outreach provides proactive intervention for enrollment and attendance, with built-in flexibility to fit every school district's targeted goals.

Professional Development

Implementation for teachers and staff is effortless, saving time and allowing them to focus on the most meaningful interactions.

High Engagement

Text messages get checked: They have a 98% open rate (compared to less than 25% for postal mail and email).

Individualized Support

The interactive library of responses has the system flexibility to be customized to align with individual districts' policies, protocols, and cadence.

Actionable Insights and Analysis

Our AllHere Advisor (AHA) offers data-driven strategies with actionable insights, reporting, and analysis.

Transform student support conversations to actionable insights with data in one place, at your fingertips.

Analyze data to identify trends and program improvement opportunities.

Meet ESSA requirements through our online platform and related services.

Easily identify opportunities for improving communication and engagement.

Support all students on the path to and through school with conversational AI.

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