Frontline Support via an Automated AI Texting Platform

AHA connects students and families with the right support at the right time. An extensive body of research backs the effectiveness of two-way texting as an innovative solution for providing relevant, consistent communication while saving districts time and money.

AHA can handle inquiries from and provide resources to a nearly limitless number of families and students simultaneously.

AHA responds in less than 2 seconds, resulting in a smoother flow of information.

Your teachers stay one step ahead, with more time to focus on complex challenges that require hands-on instruction.

When AHA identifies a “priority” topic or doesn’t know the answer, questions are sent to the human team. The responses become part of the automated knowledge base.

Proactive Outreach Messages


Foster student success—and head off future problems—by sending interactive reminders and automated alerts. Research supports the impact of automated text messages in successful communication with families.


Send surveys about topics ranging from technology connectivity to social and emotional learning. The results can be used to connect your students and families to educational support services and increase your district's preparedness.


Identify and manage the root causes of absenteeism. Your families are empowered with relevant information about their student's attendance, while your students receive the right intervention at the right time, ensuring their individual needs are met.


Communicate with your families at scale with timely, targeted guidance about processes, deadlines, and criteria. Help them find the right resources whenever they need them.

On-Demand Assistance

A deep understanding of how people communicate drives every aspect of the design and development of our Virtual Advisor. This evidence-based solution can respond to up to 85% of student and family inquiries in 2 seconds.

Personalized outreach and quick, accurate responses to families' messages add to their comfort level and engagement.

Families receive consistent information about the topics that matter most to them, including transportation, schedules, district calendars, and in-the-moment resources.

AHA works every evening—and data shows that 16% of student inquiries are logged between 5 and 8 p.m.

The conversational interface is designed to mimic real conversations, responding with empathy or humor depending on the student's needs in the moment on an individual level.

Behavioral nudges and interactive campaigns drive behavior whenever students and families are available and open to interaction.

Leverage AHA as a virtual advisor to dramatically save staff time in supporting students at scale.

Smarter Chatbot

With thousands of answers built into knowledge base software that's designed for real student and family conversations, AHA can dramatically boost your school team’s ability to handle a large volume of communications each day.

Self Learning AI

Best of all, the more students and families engage with AHA, the greater the knowledge base grows and the “smarter” the AI Chatbot becomes.

Insightful Analytics

Analytics transform the data from real conversations—whether in the form of "ask me anything" questions, surveys, or responses to nudges—into actionable insights for your district.

What do you mean by Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots?


Artificial Intelligence

When a machine mimics humans’ cognitive functions, we apply the term “artificial intelligence” to it. An AI machine is a flexible, rational agent that can perceive its environment and take actions that maximize its chance of success at a goal that we associate with other human minds, such as learning and problem solving.


A chatbot is a service, powered by rules and sometimes artificial intelligence, that you interact with via a chat (or SMS/text) interface. The service could be any number of things, ranging from functional to fun. A chatbot is a service that uses human language to communicate, powered by rules and artificial intelligence.

In the case of AHA, parents and students interact with the AI Chatbot via a chat (or SMS/text) interface. Chatbots can be designed to interact in any number of ways, ranging from functional to fun. We have chosen to program AHA with human-like messaging because we feel it’s important to provide joy and compassion.

Support all students on the path to and through school with conversational AI.

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