Our Platform


Strategically personalize outreach to families and students with automatic messages and on-demand resources.


View upcoming check-ins plus actionable data about student and family needs – and revisit them anytime.


Assess the effectiveness of attendance interventions and other supports to make data-driven decisions.

Data Integration

AllHere integrates with student information systems to efficiently improve the quality and transmission of information for both families and schools.

Data Security

AllHere employs industry best practices for data security and adheres to policies and regulations defined in FERPA. AllHere only provides data access to authorized school or district representatives.

Service and Support

The AllHere team conducts the work of collecting information for the setup, implementation, and optimization of the Allhere Assistant (AHA). District and school staff advise and support, but the workload is on us, not you.

After AHA is up and running, comprehensive support is available at any time. Ongoing management of the system and updating of participant contact information requires minimal staff time while maximizing student and family participation.

Support all students on the path to and through school with conversational AI.

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