Our Story

AllHere was founded by Joanna Smith, a former district attendance and family engagement coordinator. Her experience revealed the frustrations that often arise when trying to connect students with the right support at the right time—overwhelming administrative burdens and communication obstacles that divert attention from effective interactions. Although there were policies in place to boost participation, attendance, persistence, and graduation, Joanna discovered there were few tools for proactive, targeted intervention for problems like chronic absenteeism—and that the tools that did exist were often time-intensive for teachers and staff.

By the time students reach sixth grade, absence becomes a leading cause of dropping out. To address this, Joanna and a team of experts spent two years gathering research and collaborating with educators in the Boston Public School system and charter schools in order to build an attendance intervention support system approved by teachers.

Since those early days of collaboration around attendance, AllHere has evolved into a mission-driven startup. Our innovative, novel, and evidence based solution, the AllHere Advisor (AHA), helps teachers, school leaders, data analysts, social workers, counselors, and other support staff across the U.S. increase student participation and build engagement with families.

Our Vision and Mission

Every student, every day, on track for success.

At AllHere, our mission is to strengthen student outcomes and boost staff effectiveness by offering easy-to-use, technology-powered, evidence-based education support services.

Dedication and Commitment

We center our support services around all-in-one systems that are easy to use, reducing staff time so they are able to focus on the highest-impact education and engagement activities.

We have used our expertise and proprietary research to build a conversational AI-powered platform, AHA, that connects the right student with the right support at the right time. By sending proactive communications and drawing upon a customized knowledge base that provides automatic responses 24/7, AHA ensures that each district can communicate consistent, accurate information to families and students.