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AllHere's Benefits

At AllHere, we are dedicated to empowering and transforming the educational experience for families, educators, schools, and school districts. Our AI-powered platform brings a multitude of benefits that enhance every aspect of education, ensuring a seamless and supportive environment for all involved.


Benefits to Families

  • Fast, easy way to receive answers to their frequently asked questions about transportation, schedules, school calendars, in-the-moment resources, and more.

  • Automated customer service that is available to them 24/7.

  • For families whose first language is not English, the chatbot can send and receive translated messages in 100+ languages.

  • Families receive text messages with personalized updates and tips to boost their child’s engagement, attendance, well-being, and learning.

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Students Cut Out (34).png

Benefits to Educators

  • Provides unprecedented support in real-time, streamlining communication with families.

  • Lessens the already taxing workload of school site and district personnel.

  • Teachers, school leaders, data analysts, counselors, and other support staff can help students who need more hands-on and personalized support.

  • Educators can stay one step ahead, with more time to focus on complex challenges that require hands-on instruction.

  • Complements teachers' existing communication tools.

Benefits to Schools

In addition to increasing attendance, reducing dropout rates, building parental engagement, and improving customer service, AllHere powered by AI can:

  • Administer surveys about topics ranging from technology connectivity to social and emotional learning. Results can be used to connect students and families to educational support services and increase the district's preparedness.

  • Assist with enrollment by communicating with families with timely, targeted guidance about processes, deadlines, and criteria.

Students Cut Out (34).png

Benefits to School Districts

By partnering with AllHere, school districts can benefit from a fully-integrated portal system, accessible on various devices, providing stakeholders with the necessary tools and resources to support student acceleration, growth, and achievement. The app acts as a communication tool, assists parents in monitoring their child's progress, facilitates family participation in decision-making, and offers 24/7 support for improving student achievement. Additionally, AllHere's solution streamlines communication, reduces the workload of school personnel, and creates additional capacity to provide personalized support to students.

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