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Intelligent Conversational Platform (IAP)

Research indicates that strong partnerships between home and school, along with family engagement, play a crucial role in children's learning and development. AllHere offers an Intelligent Conversational Platform (IAP) app that aims to facilitate stakeholder communication and enhance family engagement to promote student achievement. The IAP app serves as a collaborative and integrated application, providing students, teachers, administrators, and other stakeholders with access to student-centered data, online tools, and resources.


How AllHere's IAP app works

AllHere's IAP app utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) technology to power web and SMS-enabled chatbots, enabling personalized and two-way conversations between stakeholders and the school district. By leveraging AI, empathy, and contextual relevance, the app creates chat threads layered on top of the IAP, enabling families to receive real-time updates on their child's progress, including information on assignments, student data, and available district resources. This approach empowers districts and schools to adapt and differentiate IAPs based on students' data and facilitates collaboration between families and educators.

The IAP app also provides administrators with actionable insights and reporting on family engagement and student progress. AllHere's platform has been recognized with over 40 education and technology industry awards and is currently utilized in 34 states and the largest 1000 school districts.

Students Cut Out (34).png

Developed by Industry Experts

AllHere's IAP Application, developed by experienced educators, researchers, family engagement leaders, and software engineers, offers easy-to-understand visualizations, multilingual chatbot-based reminders, and two-way conversations to engage families in understanding their student's academic progress and accessing recommended actions and support. The design of the application aligns with research-based educational and learning science principles, aiming to enhance family-school partnerships and comply with relevant regulations and policies.


Evidenced-backed Effectiveness

AllHere believes in the potential of all children to excel in learning and aims to empower families to engage in their student's education. With its expertise in digital family engagement and learning acceleration, AllHere is dedicated to supporting districts’ mission of providing a comprehensive and high-quality educational experience for all students. The evidence-backed effectiveness of AllHere's solution, as assessed by FutureEd at Georgetown University, demonstrates its commitment to improving student attendance and academic performance.

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