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To and through school

AllHere fosters student success using artificial intelligence-powered family engagement technologies that support families 24/7 using automated two-way texting. This innovative, novel, and evidence-based solution is proven to increase student success in school, reduce the dropout rate, and build school engagement with families, all while reducing staff time so they are able to focus on the highest-impact engagement activities.


Personalized Outreach for Families

Intelligent, evidence-based mobile messaging powered by AI to support enrollment and attendance.

Interactive Nudges

Proactive and specialized messaging proven by behavioral science to drive positive impact.

On-Demand Assistance

Families text questions to the chatbot and receive accurate, rapid responses from a knowledge base that's customized to each district.

Proactive Outreach

Automated messaging campaigns nudge families towards success or poll them for information about where they need assistance, offering a whole-child support system.

24/7 Availability

Always-there individual support helps families find the right resources and information exactly when they need it, with automated responses that can answer 85% of incoming messages in 2 seconds or less.


Conversational AI

The chatbot makes interactions fun through graphics and wit, mimicking human interactions and flexibly transitioning to staff when appropriate.

Students Cut Out (34).png

AllHere Making Interventions More Intelligent with Technology

Data-driven, AI powered system streamlines the attendance intervention process so educators and school administrators can focus on what they do best, supporting students.

Children at School
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Attendance Interventions

Complete attendance intervention solution that combines an easy- to-use technology platform, evidenced-based best practices and automation to ensure the right student gets the right intervention at the right time, serving the needs of each and every student.

The all-in-one solution integrates with the SIS, unifies screening as to common student success-related issues and brings your district’s support infrastructure all into one central place, empowering states, schools and districts to be more efficient and effective.

Students Cut Out (34).png

AI-Powered ChatBot

Mobile messaging solution powered by AI fosters student attendance and engagement success. AI Chatbot that supports the path to and through school during hybrid learning scenarios.

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