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Engaging Students, Parents & Schools for Educational Success

Ed is your educational friend and guide to help students reach their limitless potential.


Powered by advanced artificial intelligence, Ed uses assessment data to create individual learning plans for each student.


Ed is available 24/7 and in multiple languages so you can ask questions about attendance, grades and assessment data at a glance.


Self-paced games with fun, interactive activities to instill learning at a variety of proficiency levels across multiple subjects.

Communication and individualized learning is the cornerstone of a successful education journey for every student. 

With Ed, we understand that fostering strong connections between parents, 

caregivers and students is paramount to unlocking each child’s full potential.
That’s why Ed has been meticulously designed with communication and personalization at its core.

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Los Angeles Unified Launches Ed

The country's 2nd largest school district has launched Ed to provide students and families with an ecosystem of valuable resources and support for fast-tracking student achievement beyond the school day. 

563,083 Student Enrollment
1,438 Schools and Centers
4.8 Population Area Covered (in millions)



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Academic Progress Monitoring: Updates about a student’s progress on grades, test scores, attendance, and graduation readiness to ensure families are always up-to-date about the student’s academic performance. 


Personalized Learning Activities: Interactive learning activities based on a student’s testing data including reading, math, and other academic skill practice exercises to meet the student’s individual needs.


Timely Support and Guidance: Notifications about resources and support, with real-time feedback and guidance to assist a students' continuous improvement.


High-Quality Content Support: District-approved content from curriculum providers.


Personalized Alerts and Messages: Actionable steps to support a student’s academic journey with customized alerts and messages for clear actions you can take to help guide their progress.


Multilingual Capabilities: The ability to communicate in multiple languages ensures users can access all resources in their preferred language.

Progress Updates at Your Fingertips:

Stay informed about your child's achievements and areas for growth.


Personalized Learning Paths:

Tailored to your child's unique needs, ensuring they reach their full potential.

Seamless Collaboration:

Enhanced connections for parents to access information about District and school resources with easy communication and engagement.


Responsible AI:

Ed embodies responsible AI, integrating human expertise with advanced algorithms to empower users. Our Human-in-the-Loop (HITL) model combines AI technology with background-checked human moderators, former educators, who oversee and enhance AI recommendations. This ensures alignment with educational goals, best practices, and ethical standards.

Chatbot Safeguards

Privacy, security and ethical use of data in our Chatbot system is most important. Below are the steps we take to keep your data safe.

To ensure student data is kept safe, it is all kept private, processed and stored in a secure environment. 

Strong human involvement is a key feature, including a continuous review of the AI experience to maintain standards.

Measures like guardrails and filters are in place to prevent hate speech, with clear indicators that the Chatbot, not the district, generates responses.

Users are encouraged to provide feedback to continuously improve the chatbot.

A commitment to fairness and equality reduces the risk of creating unjust content, supported by the cultural diversity of our moderators and AI trainers.

The overarching goal is to support users and safeguard their information while helping students reach their highest potential.

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