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AllHere Is Not a School Communications Company

AllHere Explained #1


School-to-family communication is a critical component to supporting student success, and AllHere is at the forefront of this conversation for good reason. AllHere’s award-winning text-messaging solution has reinvented school-to-family communication with its AI-powered chatbot. Through 24/7, real-time communications, our research-based chatbot can respond in less than a minute to families’ questions, in more than 100 languages.

Since our founding at the Harvard Innovation Labs in 2016, AllHere has primarily served districts with exceptional, targeted communications to families and students around issues like attendance and truancy. Because of AllHere’s innovation and success with this text-based solution, the company has historically been described as a “school communications company.” However, this description is now not entirely accurate because we are evolving.

Facilitating communication is just part of a much larger role AllHere plays in helping school districts support student success. The company now supports schools, school districts, and state departments of education on a wide range of important issues, including enrollment, retention, student learning, instruction and family engagement.

For example, with its newest partner, the Los Angeles Unified School District, AllHere and the district created Ed, a first-of-its-kind, AI-fueled learning acceleration platform that provides students and families with an ecosystem of valuable resources and support for fast-tracking student achievement.

Ed offers each student and their family a customized roadmap designed to empower students in their educational journey in a way that aligns with the student’s unique learning needs and aspirations. It supports skills proficiency, academic growth and mastery of learning. And, Ed points students to district-approved activities to help them practice the skills they are struggling to master.

As you can see, AllHere offers SO much more than just communications.

The label “school communications company” came to be simply because text messaging was the modality the company used to deliver interventions. So AllHere often had little choice but to accept the school communications designation about its work.

Now, it is time to expand the way AllHere’s services are viewed.

AllHere has evolved from a “school communications company” to a “learning outcomes/student success-focused company.”

This shift is significant and this work is impactful. AllHere goes way beyond facilitating school-family communications. It helps school districts engage – or re-engage – families and students with their learning. It helps students and families understand a student’s progress, where they are struggling, and connects them to targeted support to get them to where they need to be. It helps create personalized pathways for each student and can act as a guide for their education.

AllHere helps families and schools communicate, yes. But it also provides insight, data analysis, progress monitoring, and more – all fueled by artificial intelligence. Whether a district is trying to boost attendance, help students improve their math scores, increase graduation rates, or make sure students have the resources they need to get into college, AllHere can support them in solving these challenges.

AllHere is evolving. We hope you will join us for what’s next! To learn more about the many ways in which AllHere helps school districts support student success or to schedule a demo, visit

About this Series: This blog post is the first in a series called “AllHere Explained.” The series will explore a range of topics, including AllHere’s approach to security, privacy, AI/ML safety, education innovation, digital transformation, and more. We hope you find these blogs useful and informative; and we welcome feedback.


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