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AllHere Joins Industry Commitment to Responsible AI Development in Educational Technology

AllHere, the leading company providing proven solutions to engage families in their children's learning through innovative communication tools, this week joined the Software & Information Industry Association in announcing an industry-wide commitment to principles ensuring the responsible development and use of Artificial Intelligence in educational technology. SIIA's recently published principles underscore AI's "vast promise to enhance a learner's educational experience, an educator's career, or a parent's involvement."

AllHere is among 10 industry-leading companies that serve on SIIA's AI in Education Steering Committee, which developed and endorsed the industry principles. These principles are closely aligned with AllHere's previously published approach on the responsible use of AI in fostering family engagement and student achievement.

Joanna Smith-Griffin, Founder & CEO at AllHere, emphasized the significance of these principles at the panel at the event. By endorsing SIIA's principles, AllHere reaffirms its commitment to fostering innovation in educational technology underscored by trust, impact, and equity. This also extends to being dedicated to privacy that respects and benefits students and educators.

As educational technology continues to evolve, AllHere will remain at the forefront of educational innovation, working in collaboration with organizations like SIIA to ensure responsible innovation and positive impacts to the future of education.

More information about the principles and a case study featuring AllHere's exemplification of them are here:


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