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AllHere’s Innovative AI Platform for Schools Earns Recognition from SIIA

AllHere featured in SIIA’s new “Principles for the Future of AI in Education” framework

Boston (November 9, 2023) — AllHere, the leading provider of 24/7 AI-powered family support tool designed to improve attendance and academics, was recently highlighted by the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) for its responsible implementation of AI in education. AllHere is among two case studies featured by SIIA in its Principles for the Future of AI in Education framework and web page, which were announced October 24, 2023 during an event on Capitol Hill. The event also included a panel discussion with AllHere Executive Director Joanna Smith-Griffin and other industry executives.

“AI is still an emerging field and it is important to be proactive about ensuring AI tools for schools are effective and safe,” said Smith-Griffin. “We are pleased to be highlighted by SIIA as an example of a responsible AI implementation and I was personally honored to be able to participate in SIIA’s panel discussion to delve into this issue more deeply. We look forward to continuing to expand our work in schools and move the conversation forward about using AI in education to support student learning.”

AllHere provides schools with 24/7 AI-based text messaging and a personalized learning plan to help improve students’ attendance and support their academic success. Its AI-Based Text Messaging tool engages students and families through proactive two-way messaging in their preferred language. Its Personalized Learning Plan offers each student and their family a customized roadmap designed to empower students in their educational journey in a way that aligns with their unique learning needs and aspirations.

SIIA’s Principles for the Future of AI in Education is a “framework intended to guide the ed tech industry’s implementation of artificial intelligence in a purpose-driven, transparent, and equitable manner that enables critical tools for personalized and enhanced learning experiences and improved assistive technologies.” In the AllHere case study, SIIA highlights the company for meeting the SIIA principles. It notes AllHere’s work in researching and consulting with stakeholders and others to identify potential risks, concerns and benefits of its products, as well as for being proactive about protecting student data, and for designing and using its algorithms and systems in an equitable and evidence-based way.

For more on SIIA’s Principles for the Future of AI in Education, visit

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About AllHere

AllHere combines conversational AI, behavioral science, and interactive nudges to foster attendance and engagement in K-12 education. It automates personalized, two-way text messaging with chatbots to improve attendance rates and guide students and families through school. Its adaptive, evidence-based system provides 24/7 support so that teachers and staff can focus their time on the most meaningful interactions. For more information, visit



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