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Appreciating Teachers and Educators with Much-Needed Support

As we approach this year’s Teacher Appreciation Week and National Principals Day, it is important to reflect on how to best show appreciation for our teachers, school-site leaders and all educators who take care of our children day in and day out. 

Teachers, support staff and administrators are the foundation of great schools. Teaching has always been a job with enormous responsibility, but after the pandemic, families across the globe truly learned the VITAL role that teachers play in our children’s lives. Staff burnout is a reality that cannot be ignored, but there are many ways to assist our teachers and educators in thoughtful ways. 

Beyond the in-classroom celebrations and special events being conducted at schools during National Principal Day on May 1st and Teacher Appreciation Week from May 8-12, the best way to show educators we truly care is to create opportunities to simplify their jobs and reduce their stress levels. 

Decreasing administrative tasks for teachers, those that have little or nothing to do with teaching or supporting students, is one great way to do so. Finding ways to streamline communication processes for our administrators is another simple way to show just how much we appreciate them. Thankfully, through innovative artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, this is POSSIBLE in an efficient and effective manner! 

Modern technologies now combine “cognitive” functions and machine learning algorithms. Joining these technologies results in what is called an AI chatbot, currently AllHere’s main product. Rather than overworked and stressed humans sending messages to families and students, the AllHere chatbot can offload that communication. In addition, it can respond to questions posed to the bot. Chatbots can be leveraged to act as virtual assistants to save staff time in supporting large numbers of students and families. A chatbot armed with knowledge-based software built for real family conversations can dramatically boost a school team’s ability to handle the large volume of communications that take place each day. The more families engage, the greater the knowledge base grows, and the “smarter” the AI that powers the chatbot becomes. Best of all, the AllHere chatbot is available 24/7 via automated two-way texting in more than 100 languages!

This innovative, novel, and evidence-based solution is proven to increase student participation in school, decrease dropout rates, and build school engagement with students and families, all while reducing staff time so they are able to focus on the highest-impact engagement activities.

Unlike some tech solutions, AllHere doesn’t require additional apps or training for teachers, families, or students. Schools typically designate a limited number of team members to reply to the small percentage of communications the chatbot is not able to answer. 

This system lessens the already taxing workload of school and district personnel. AllHere also complements existing tools that educators may already be utilizing. Teachers, school leaders, counselors, and other staff can help students who need more personalized support. Most importantly, educators can stay one step ahead, with additional time to focus on complex challenges that require hands-on instruction.

This is a WIN-WIN solution for students, teachers, parents, families, and school leaders as it ensures timeliness, relevance, consistency, and personalization of communications at a school or district. 

To learn more about AllHere and how school systems can better support their workforce and families, visit


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